Cycle touring is a great way to explore Skye and Broadford’s facilities make it an excellent rest and recovery spot. It also has a great array of possibilities for the off-roader and there is much to be discovered

It must be said that for a few years before coming to Skye, our household was cycling daft. The boys were transported about every day in a cycle trailer and Vanessa did a forty-seven kilometre bike commute to work; even in the winter, when studded tyres had to be deployed. We got into doing the local sportive cycle event around Perthshire and were cycling about fifteen thousand kilometres per year.

Cycling is a wee bit more challenging here on Skye than on the numerous quiet back roads of Perthshire. The roads can get very busy in high season and large campervans will regularly squeeze you into the verge. There are also quite a few potholed, single track roads here that are major routes to popular destinations such as Elgol. However, I can say that there are still some roads that are fine for the road cyclist in the south of the island and our favourite is actually a main road that runs from Broadford down to Armadale. It’s nice and wide, with a paved verge, and tends only to get busy when the ferry has come in. So if you ever see two cyclist going down this road early in the afternoon during the summer it’s likely to be us – wave please!

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