Food and drink

Foraging on Skye

There are some delicious wild foods to be found on Skye. We reveal the ones we love and the ones best used for fishing bait.

Breakfast Whisky?

Martin’s personal reflections on uisge beatha.

Food and Drink on Skye

2015 has been officially designated as Scotland’s year of Food and Drink. Read all about what Skye has to offer.

How to make tattie scones

Here’s our first attempt at a video blog. Find out how to make tattie scones!

Martin’s Bread Blog

This month’s blog is all about how Martin makes his sourdough.

Skye Sourdough Crisis

Read about Martin’s tasty homemade bread.

Otter Lodge Baking

We’re developing a ‘Scottish – Continental’ breakfast, including Martin’s homemade oatcakes, potato scones and sourdough bread.