A busy tourist season for us means we have to be a bit more pro-active about taking time out with the boys. Luckily, there are loads of places around and about our village where you can explore and have fun. On a scramble down at the shore near Torrin – we found sea caves, secret waterfalls and fossils.

Blaven and the Red Cuillin from the Camas Malag track. Interesting to contrast with similar pictures we’ve taken in winter!

It’s hard to find a sea cave and not have a little look inside. There are quite a few along this bit of coast. Most are completely filled with water at high tide. One was full of all kinds of detritus washed in by the tide. Another, rather poignantly, contained a dead otter. This one had some lovely green pools inside it.

Rocks with layers of the fossil known as ‘devils toenails’. This part of Skye is extremely popular with geology students, who can often be found wandering the hills with hammers and waterproof clipboards.

The secret waterfall. There’s a tunnel near here, where the stream disappears under the ground. before popping out at the shore.