How to make tattie scones

Tattie scones are a Scottish breakfast favourite. They’re not like other scones because they’re flat, more like a potato cake (or ‘une petite galette de pomme de terre’ as Vanessa would say, but she’s just showing off). Vanessa had never come across one before she came to Scotland, and wasn’t hugely impressed with her first taste of one out of a packet. But home made scones are different altogether. Martin must have literally made thousands of them in various bakeries around Scotland. You can fry them to make them crispy but we prefer to serve them cooked the traditional way, off a dry griddle with a little bit of butter.

If you fancy having a go at making them yourself; they’re really easy. Here are the ingredients, followed by a video of Martin showing you how to do it.

500g cold mashed potato

160g plain flour

half tsp salt

Couple of glugs of vegetable oil (about 2 tbs)