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Neist Point  11 october 016


Skye has a dramatic, craggy coastline; at its wildest and most magnificent at Neist Point, the most westerly point on the island. There’s great little walk here that follows a concrete path down to the lighthouse at the end of the point; the paved trail is a bonus on an island where you regularly sink up to your boot tops in mud. Another reason to visit is that it’s a fantastic spot to see marine life, particularly minke whales, dolphins and basking sharks.

11 october 013

We took the boys to Neist Point on one of those peerless ‘blue Skye’ days when you can’t quite believe you’re not in the Bahamas. When we arrived at the car park at the end of the road, the Outer Hebrides seemed amazingly close. The walk starts with some steps following an old winch that would have been used to supply the lighthouse. At least here the lighthouse keepers didn’t need to transport everything by boat. The steps go down steeply with a hand rail to a flatter bit where you can stop safely and take pictures. You don’t want to be wandering off the path to the cliff edge on a windy day.

Carry on over a little rise and then the path takes you to a very nice, but somewhat abandoned, lighthouse. From here, you can make your way across some bog to the shore, or like we did follow another old trackway that takes you to a jetty with a winch. The cliffs around Neist point rise to around 300 metres in places and, with lots of clean rock, are a bit of a climbers’ mecca on Skye.  

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11 october 059

We didn’t see any whales or dolphins (a certain lack of patience amongst our small people) nevertheless it was spectacular and well worth a visit.